Calvin Klein Jeans — EST.1978
(social animations w/ Calvin Klein)


MoMA — Items: Is Fashion Modern?
(motion design w/ Wax Studios)


The Met — Notes On Fashion
(animated ticker of Susan’s Sontag’s essay “Notes On Camp.” )

Coding: Jeremy Rotsztain


The Met — The Last Knight
(Exhibit animation explaining the four types of combat at Maximilian I’s Court)


Pivot — Network ID's
(role: design, animation) w/ Feel Good Anyway


FXX — Animation Domination ID's
(role: design, animation) w/ Afternoon Inc.


Calvin Klein — 205W39NYC S/S’19
(pre-show countdown screens)


Wired Magazine — The Privacy Battle To Save Google From Itself
(role: animation) w/ FISK


(animation project w/ audio by Joel Pickard)


Opening Ceremony — 2018 Montage
(role: edit) w/ Opening Ceremony 


MTV — Loading Animation
(role: animation) w/ 2x4


New York Times — Office Romance
(role: design, animation) w/ Kathy Ryan dir. of photography


NeoCon — Screensaver
(role: animation)


Virgin Orbit — Logo ID
(role: design, animation) w/ Virgin Orbit


Project Art — #ArtIsARight loop
(role: animation) w/ Project Art


Nike Sportswear — Animated Icons
(role: animation) w/ Studio Mega 


HBO Films — You Don’t Know Jack
(role: design, animation) w/ ultrabland 


TEVA — Crossing Boundaries
(role: edit, animation) w/ Wax Studios


Cinemax — Logo Design and Network Branding
(role: art direction, design, animation) w/ Ultrabland


Nixon — Outsider App UI
(role: animation) w/ Cinco Design


Sci — Space Week Teaser
(role: animation) w/ Feel Good Anyway


IFC — Celery PSA
(role: design, animation) w/ Feel Good Anyway


Penguin Random House — Brand Video
(role: animation) w/ Pentagram


MTV — On Air Network Packaging
(role: animation) w/ 2x4


MTV2 — On Air Packaging
(role: art direction, design, animation) w/ MTV2


Gogoro — Logo Animation Exploration
(role: animation) w/ Cinco Design


Mount Florida ID's


Ford Foundation — Conference Open
(role: animation) w/ 2x4


This American Life — Main Title Animation
(role: animation) w/ Work-Order


Joe Fresh — In Store Animations
(role: animation) w/ Joe Fresh